Returns Policy

Returns Policy for Local Inventory items

Orders delivered from our local inventory can be returned to your nearest UBS local distribution center within 14 days from receipt. There is no restocking fee when these items are returned to our distribution center in unopened packaging. If the item is used, or packaging is altered, management reserves the right to determine if returns are possible.

Returns Policy for Special Ordered items

Orders that are brought in from any of our United States Distribution Centers are handled as follows:

  1. Items received incorrectly due to ordering errors by UBS staff can be returned to UBS within 14 days with no return fees. Returned items must be in unopened packaging. If packaging is opened, but in a resellable condition, a 10% return fee will be assessed.

  2. Items received incorrectly due to ordering errors by the customer can be returned to UBS with a 10% return fee plus the cost of Priority Mail return shipping to the distribution center where it was shipped from.

  3. Items received as defective or damaged must be returned within 14 days of receipt. No return fees are applicable.

  4. Customer ordering errors involving furniture and other items that are too large to return via U.S. Mail are not returnable unless damaged or defective


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