Warranty Disclaimer

US Customers:
Products purchased from Universal Business Supplies are covered by the manufacturers warranty. Warranty claims and service requests should be made directly to the manufacturer, and will be covered under the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Caribbean Customers:
Most electronic products sold by Universal Business Supplies are warranted in the Virgin Islands from the manufacturer, including HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Most of these products can be serviced in the US Virgin Islands during the warranty period.

But some products, such as Microsoft Surface, Apple products, and a few others, are not warranted in the Virgin Islands. Universal Business Supplies does not stock these items but can import them into the US Virgin Islands for customers who request them.

If you request these products from Universal Business Supplies as special order items, you do so with the understanding that you must deal directly with Microsoft, Apple, or other manufacturers for any warranty issues. In some cases they may request that you send the product to them for service at your expense, and other times they may tell you that the product is not warranted once it leaves the US mainland.

If you decide to purchase products that are not warranted in the USVI you do so at your own risk, and with the understanding that you must deal directly with the manufacturer for warranty claims and other service related issues.


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