Our Online Catalogs

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Universal Business Supplies offers a complete line of items for use in your office, school, or break room. If you prefer to flip through catalogs rather than search a website, then our online page flipping catalogs are for you. When you use our page flipping catalogs you will find several benefits over the normal website searches. Some of these benefits are shown below:

  • Clearer pictures and better graphics in our catalogs allow you a better visualization of the product you are viewing. This is especially beneficial when viewing furniture and certain other items.

  • The online catalogs are an exact replica of our hard copy catalogs.

  • The catalogs allow you to zoom in more so you can get a larger picture of the product you are viewing.

  • Using our online catalogs reduces the need for as many printed catalogs, which saves paper and trees.

  • You always have access to the latest and most up to date version of each catalog.

  • Products are shown in full categories so you can view many products at one time, allowing you to compare products quickly.

  • You can flip pages one by one, or you can easily go to a specific page.

Just click on the catalog of your choice to view our entire range of products.


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